Visiting book

a book in which a record of visits received, made, and to be made, is kept.

See also: Visiting

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Emirati Khalifa Al Otaiba, in his 40s, from Abu Dhabi, said, "I love visiting book fairs whether in Sharjah or in Abu Dhabi.
It seems Earths storytellers have been visiting Book for years, trading technology, such as electricity and indoor plumbing, for tales about cruel captains, lost boys, and wicked witches.
MARY CONTINI Author of books about Italian life and cooking, and director of Valvona & Crolla VISITING book festivals around Scotland by train gives me precious time to contemplate the landscapes.
A large number of people of every walk of life including girls, children, students, families and social media are visiting book stalls daily.
He will then write in our visiting book, about what he felt at the shrine," he said.
The Thai Prime Minister attended an official welcoming event, being greeted by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and inspected a guard of honour, and went on to pay respects at the Mahatma Gandhi memorial where she laid a wreath before signing a visiting book.
Children and adults threw themselves into everything reading-related for the event on Thursday - visiting book shops, dressing up as book characters and creating their own stories.
It can include visiting book collectors' clubs, traveling alone (Rowfant; Grolier) or in combination (FABS), their members accompanied or unaccompanied by families and friends.
The Crown allege that on the day of Mrs Wagstaff's death there was no record of any visit in Shipman's visiting book and the surgery diary showed no record of an appointment for Mrs Wagstaff.
"I have been visiting book fairs for over 15 years and the response at that time used to be rather disappointing.
The prosecution allege there was no record of an appointment for Mrs Wagstaff on that day, and no entry of the call in Shipman's visiting book.
Again, Mumbai witnessed some policemen visiting book shops to tell the owners to take off their shelves the works by the Pakistani authors.