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Noun1.Wurlitzer - United States businessman (born in German) who founded a company to make pipe organs (1831-1914)
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A FEELGOOD made in Merseyside film is to be given a special screening - to help raise money to reinstate The Mighty Wurlitzer organ at The Plaza Community Cinema, in Waterloo.
The cinema's Wurlitzer organ rose on a power-operated lift at the side of the stage, as did the symphony orchestra pit.
Free Halloween movie screenings throughout the day: Coco (10 a.m.), Hocus Pocus (12:30 p.m.), Ghostbusters (2:30 p.m.), Waxworks (5 p.m.- a silent film accompanied by the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ), Tucker & Dale vs.
It's great fun walking on the glass floor and he loved the famous Ballroom where the Wurlitzer Organ was on stage and the floor was packed with schoolkids and OAPs ballroom dancing, a lovely mix to see.
Let's please have one, Wurlitzer Organ and all, and the famous End of the Pier show.
The West End in Suffolk Street opened in 1925 as a dance hall and cinema, which boasted a superb Wurlitzer organ, but its doors finally closed in March 1965.
After Rebel collaborated with Mayfield, with him playing the Wurlitzer organ in her Portland group, The Broken Promises, they decided to become a two-piece act.
It also featured a beautiful Wurlitzer Organ. During its heyday, the theatre played host to a few world movie premieres, including So This is Love (1953), and the adaptation of James Agee's All the Way Home (1963).
Sadly, Pase La Voz marks the final appearance of Spellbound's beloved Wurlitzer organ, heard on many of their recordings.
The film will be accompanied live by Ivan Docenko on the Wurlitzer organ. For more info: Riviera Theatre box office: (716) 692-2413 or Online: www.RivieraTheatre.
A finale to remember included a true display of sincerity from Evans wearing a glitter suit jacket at the helm of a Wurlitzer organ.
Being rich and guilty, she tries to appease Beverley with a series of gifts including of all things--a Wurlitzer organ. Of course, Beverley has unlimited malice up her sleeve.