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Noun1.Wurlitzer - United States businessman (born in German) who founded a company to make pipe organs (1831-1914)
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Of the 2,000 Wurlitzers that were built, only 500 remain in playable condition today, many at pizza restaurants and roller rinks around the country.
At each theater --in Denver, Oakland, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco--you can hear a mighty Wurlitzer organ (four of the organs have recently been renovated).
Alma imports reproduction Wurlitzers 1015s from Germany which play CDs, giving up to 3,000 track selections in each machine.
"Many people wanted him to tune organs abroad, but he hated flying - so he worked on their Wurlitzers and church organs all over the UK and knew many Teesside stars like Chris Rea and Paul Daniels.
"He was involved in maintaining all of the organs in the London area so we'd travel around working on these great old Wurlitzers and other cinema organs and that's where I got my taste for those from I suppose."
Jean's talents range from tickling the ivories of a concert grand piano, coaxing the keys and pedals of a modern electronic organ, to pitting her skills against the temperament of one of the Mighty Wurlitzers on the concert circuit.
THE MUMMERS Tale To Tell ( Big Badd Drum) FROM the moment Tale To Tell begins, you're walking around a carnival, with oompah rhythms, Wurlitzers and staccato brass creating a heady atmosphere.
Other Wurlitzers were sold as scrap or to churches, with the advent of "talkies" in 1929.
Stevenson, played the "mighty Wurlitzers" in the silent movie theatres of New York and Brooklyn.
The 1948 Wurlitzer 1100; The modern-day Steepletone