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also Wy·an·dotte  (wī′ən-dŏt′)
n. pl. Wyandot or Wy·an·dots also Wyandotte or Wy·an·dottes
1. A member of a Native American people formed of groups displaced by the destruction of the Huron confederacy in the mid-1600s, formerly located in Ohio and the upper Midwest and now living primarily in northeast Oklahoma.
2. The Iroquoian language of the Wyandot.

[Wyandot wãdát, ethnic self-designation.]
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(ˈwaɪ ənˌdɒt)

n., pl. -dots, (esp. collectively) -dot.
1. a member of an American Indian tribe formed from dispersed elements of the Hurons and closely related peoples in the mid-17th century.
2. the extinct Iroquoian language of the Wyandots, descended in part from Huron.
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"It is a Wyandot," said Magua, stepping nigher to the rude platform on which the other stood; "a friend of Tamenund."
It is a settlement of the Wyandot Indians who inhabit this place.
Global Gluten-Free Popcorn Products Market: Key Players Some of the key players operating in the global gluten-free popcorn products market are Weaver Popcorn Company, Angie's Artisan treats, LLC, Wyandot, Inc.
Goldy, a Golden Laced Wyandot, is the Enforcer, who keeps the rest of the brood in line.
Intermediary Zone 6-7: Comanche; Huron, Wyandot; Lenape; Tuscarora; Potawatomi; Kalapuya; Takelma; Shasta, Chimariko; Alsea; Achomavi; Yana; Yuki; Lassik, Catho; Kolchan; Hare; Eastern Cree; Han; Beaver; Slavey, Dogrib; Osage, Kansa; Oto; Eastern Keres; Western Keres; Chumash; Lower Chinook; Alabama, Koasati; Creek, Seminole; Cherokee; Natchez; Yuchi; Choktaw, Chichasaw; Mandan; Hidatsa; Kiowa; Kiowa-Apache;
In PI 243540 (Rag2) and the susceptible genotype 'Wyandot,' it was observed that aphids had fewer prolonged phases of active salivation (El), pathway events, and non-probing intervals, and that fewer insects reached the phloem on PI 243540 (Todd et al.
BVHS identifies its service area as the 25 mile radius area around Findlay from which approximately 85% of its inpatients originate (includes Hancock County and parts of Allen, Putnam, Wood, Henry, Seneca, Wyandot, and Hardin Counties).
separate art.; Treaty of Fort Harmar, Wyandot Nation et al., supra note
Seeing a job posting for a district technician for Wyandot County's Soil and Water Conservation District, I jumped on the opportunity.
Photo on page 52 courtesy of Wyandot Camp, Dublin, Ohio.
Born as the son of a Wyandot Chief in 1849, Irvin Mudeater was a great and remarkably adaptable frontiersman.