bheidh- / Indo-European roots


To trust, confide, persuade.

Derivatives include bide, fiancé, infidel.

1. Probably Germanic *bīdan, to await (< "to await trustingly, expect, trust") abide, abode from Old English bīdan, to wait, stay.
2. fiancé, fiducial, fiduciary; affiance, affiant, affidavit, confidant, confide, confident, defiance, defy, diffident from Latin fīdere, to trust, confide, and fīdus, faithful.
3. Suffixed o-grade form *bhoidh-es-. federal, federate; confederate from Latin foedus (stem foeder-), treaty, league.
4. Zero-grade form *bhidh-. faith, fay3, fealty, fideism, fidelity; infidel, perfidy from Latin fidēs, faith, trust.

[Pokorny 1. bheidh- 117.]

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