del- / Indo-European roots



Derivatives include linger, Lent, longitude, lunge.

I. Probably extended and suffixed zero-grade form *dlon-gho-.
1. a. long1; along, longshore from Old English lang, long, long; b. langlauf from Old High German lang, long; c. belong from Old English gelang, along; d. long2 from Old English denominative langian, to grow longer, yearn for, from Germanic *langōn; e. linger from Old English lengan, to prolong (possibly influenced by Old Norse lengja, to lengthen), from Germanic *langjan, to make long; f. Lombard from Latin compound Longobardus, Langobardus (with Germanic ethnic name *Bardi). a-f all from Germanic *langaz, long.
2. a. length from Old English lengthu, length; b. Lent from Old English lengten, lencten, spring, Lent, from West Germanic *langitinaz, lengthening of day; c. ling1 from Middle English lenge, ling, ling, from a Low German source akin to Dutch lenghe, linghe, "long one" a-c all from Germanic abstract noun *langithō.
3. longeron, longitude, lounge; eloign, elongate, longevity, lunge, oblong, prolong, purloin from Latin longus, long.
II. Possibly suffixed variant form *dl̥ə-gho-. dolichocephalic, dolichocranial from Greek dolikhos, long.

[Pokorny 5. del- 196.]


To recount, count.

O-grade form *dol-.
1. tell1 from Old English tellan, to count, recount, from Germanic *taljan.
2. tall from Old English getæl, quick, ready, from West Germanic *(ge-)tala-.
a. tale from Old English talu, story;
b. Taal2 from Middle Dutch tāle, speech, language. Both a and b from Germanic *talō.
4. talk from Middle English talken, to talk, from a source probably akin to Old English denominative talian, to tell, relate.
5. Perhaps Greek dolos, ruse, snare dolerite, sedulous

[Pokorny 1. del- 193.]

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