dem- / Indo-European roots


House, household.

Derivatives include dome, domestic, timber.

1. Suffixed o-grade form *dom-o-, *dom-u-, house.
a. dome, domestic, domicile; major-domo from Latin domus, house;
b. suffixed form *dom-o-no-. dame, Dan2, danger, Dom, domain, domaine, dominate, dominical, dominie, dominion, domino1, domino2, don1, Donna, dungeon; belladonna, duende, Madam, Madame, Mademoiselle, Madonna, predominate from Latin dominus, master of a household (feminine domina).
2. Possibly suffixed lengthened-grade form *dōm-n̥. dome from Greek dōma, house.
3. Compound *dems-pot-, "house-master" (*-pot-, powerful; see poti-) despot from Greek despotēs.
4. Root form *dem(ə2)-, to build (possibly a separate root).
a. timber from Old English timber, building material, lumber, from Germanic *timram;
b. toft from Old Norse topt, homestead, from Germanic *tumftō.

[Pokorny dem- 198.]

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