kers- / Indo-European roots


To run.

Oldest form *k̑ers-, becoming *kers- in centum languages. Zero-grade form *kr̥s-.
1. corral, corrida, corrido, corridor, corsair, courante, courier, course, current, cursive, cursor, curule; concourse, concur, decurrent, discourse, excursion, hussar, incur, intercourse, kraal, occur, parkour, percurrent, precursor, recourse, recur, succor from Latin currere, to run.
2. Suffixed form *kr̥s-o-.
a. car, career, cargo, caricature, cariole, cark, caroche, carry, charge, chariot, charrette; discharge from Latin carrus, a two-wheeled wagon;
b. carpenter from Latin carpentum, a two-wheeled carriage. Both a and b from Gaulish carros, a wagon, cart.

[Pokorny 2. k̑ers- 583.]

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