legʷh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root legʷh-: alleviate, carnival, elevate, leaven, legerdemain, leprechaun, lever, levity, light, lighter, lung, relieve.


Light, having little weight.

Derivatives include levity, carnival, elevate, leprechaun, lung.

1. Suffixed form *legwh-t-.
a. light2 from Old English līht, lēoht, light;
b. lighter2 from Old English līhtan, to lighten. Both a and b from Germanic *līht(j)az.
2. Suffixed form *legwh-wi-. leaven, lever, levity; alevin, alleviate, carnival, elevate, legerdemain, mezzo-relievo, relevant, relieve from Latin levis, light, with its derivative levāre, to lighten, raise.
3. Variant form *lagwh-. leprechaun from Old Irish lū-, small.
4. Nasalized form *l(e)ngwh-. lung from Old English lungen, lungs (from their lightness), from Germanic *lung-.
5. Latin oblīvīscī, to forget, attributed by some to this root, is more likely from lei-

[Pokorny leg̒ͧh- 660.]

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