lei- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root lei-: levigate, limacine, lime, limicoline, liniment, litotes, loam, oblivion, oubliette, schlep, slick, slight, slime, slip, slippery.



Derivatives include slime, slick, oblivion.

a. slime from Old English slīm, slime;
b. slippery from Old English slipor, slippery;
c. slick from Old English *slice, smooth, and -slīcian, to make smooth;
d. lime3 from Old English līm, cement, birdlime;
e. loam from Old English lām, loam;
f. slight from Middle English slight, slender, probably from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse slēttr, smooth, sleek;
g. slip1 from Middle English slippen, to slip, probably from a source akin to Middle Dutch and Middle Low German slippen, to slip, slip away;
h. schlep from Middle Low German slēpen, to drag. a-h all from Germanic *slī̆- with various extensions.
2. Suffixed form *lei-mo-. limacine, limicoline from Latin līmus, slime.
3. Suffixed form *lei-w-. oblivion, oubliette from Latin oblīvīscī, to forget (< "to wipe, let slip from the mind"; ob-, away; see epi)
4. Suffixed form *lei-wo-. leiomyoma from Greek leios, smooth.
5. Extended form *(s)leiə- (oldest form *(s)leihx-), with metathesis *(s)leə(i)-.
a. Zero-grade form with nasal infix *li-n-ə-. liniment from Latin linere (perfect lēvī), to anoint;
b. suffixed zero-grade form *lī- (< *liə-) litotes from Greek lītos, plain, simple;
c. suffixed metathesized form *leə-wo-, whence *lē-wo-. levigate from Latin lēvis, smooth.

[Pokorny 3. lei- 662.]

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