leikʷ- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root leikʷ-: delinquent, eclipse, ellipse, jalfrezi, lend, lipogram, loan, relinquish.


To leave.

Derivatives include eclipse, loan, derelict.

I. Basic form *leikw-. eclipse, ellipsis from Greek leipein, to leave.
II. O-grade form *loikw-. loan from Old Norse lān, loan, from Germanic *laihwniz
III. Zero-grade form *likw-.
1. Suffixed zero-grade form *likw-o-. lipogram from Greek lipo-, lacking.
2. a. Germanic compound *ain-lif- (see oi-no-); b. Germanic compound *twa-lif- (see dwo-). Both a and b from Germanic *-lif-, left.
IV. Nasalized zero-grade form *li-n-kw-. delinquent, derelict, relic, relinquish from Latin linquere, to leave.

[Pokorny leik̒ͧ- 669.]

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