pū̆- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root pū̆-: defile, empyema, file, filth, fog, foul, fulmar, fuzzy, purulent, pus, putrefy, putrescent, putrid, puttanesca, pyo-, suppurate.


To rot, decay.

Probably from earlier *puhx- (becoming *puw- before vowels).

Derivatives include foul, fuzzy, potpourri, pus.

1. Suffixed form *pū-lo-.
a. foul from Old English fūl, unclean, rotten;
b. fulmar from Old Norse fūll, foul;
c. filth from Old English fȳlth, foulness, from Germanic abstract noun *fūlithō;
d. file3, foil1; defile1 from Old English fȳlan, to sully, from Germanic denominative *fūljan, to soil, dirty. a-d all from Germanic *fūlaz, rotten, filthy.
2. Extended form *pug-. fog2 from Middle English fog, fogge, aftermath grass, from a Scandinavian source probably akin to Icelandic fūki, rotten sea grass, and Norwegian fogg, rank grass, from Germanic *fuk-.
3. Extended variant form *pous-. fuzzy from Low German fussig, spongy, from Germanic *fausa-.
4. Suffixed form *pu-tri-. putrescent, putrid, puttanesca; olla podrida, potpourri, putrefy from Latin puter (stem putri-), rotten.
5. Suffixed form *puw-os-.
a. purulent, pus; suppurate from Latin pūs, pus;
b. pyo- from Greek puon, puos, pus.
6. empyema from Greek compound empuein, to suppurate (en-, in; see en)

[Pokorny 2. pū̆- 848.]

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