s(w)e- / Indo-European roots


Pronoun of the third person and reflexive (referring back to the subject of the sentence); further appearing in various forms referring to the social group as an entity, "(we our-)selves"

Derivatives include self, gossip, suicide, secret, sober, sullen, ethic, idiot.

1. Suffixed extended form *sel-bho-. self from Old English self, sylf, self, same, from Germanic *selbaz, self.
2. Suffixed form *s(w)e-bh(o)-. sib; gossip from Old English sibb, relative, from Germanic *sibja-, "one's own" blood relation, relative.
3. Suffixed form *se-ge. bustle1 from Old Norse -sk, reflexive suffix (as in būask, to make oneself ready), from sik, oneself (reflexive pronoun), from Germanic *sik, self.
4. Suffixed form *swoi-no-. swain; boatswain from Old Norse sveinn, herdsman, boy, from Germanic *swainaz, "one's own (man)" attendant, servant.
5. Suffixed form *s(u)w-o-, one's own.
a. suicide from Latin suī (genitive), of oneself;
b. swami from Sanskrit svāmī, "one's own master" owner, prince, from sva- (< *swo-), one's own.
6. Extended form *sed. secede, secern, seclude, secret, secure, sedition, seduction, sedulous, segregate, select, separate, sever, sure from Latin sēd, , sē-, without, apart (< "on one's own");
a. sober from Latin compound sōbrius, not drunk (ēbrius, drunk; see egwh-).
7. Possibly suffixed lengthened o-grade form *sō-lo. sole2, solitary, solitude, solo, sullen; desolate, soliloquy, solipsism from Latin sōlus, by oneself alone.
8. Extended root *swē̆dh-, "that which is one's own" peculiarity, custom.
a. sodality from Latin sodālis, companion (< "one's own" "relative");
b. suffixed form *swēdh-sko-. consuetude, custom, desuetude, mansuetude, mastiff from Latin suēscere, to accustom, get accustomed;
c. ethic, ethos; cacoëthes from Greek ēthos, custom, disposition, trait;
d. suffixed form *swedh-no-. ethnic, ethno- from Greek ethnos, band of people living together, nation, people (< "people of one's own kind").
9. Suffixed extended form *swet-aro-. hetaera from Greek hetairos, comrade, companion, earlier hetaros.
10. Suffixed extended form *swed-yo-. idio-, idiom, idiot; idiopathy, idiosyncrasy from Greek idios, personal, private ("particular to oneself").
11. Suffixed form *swei-no-. Sinn Fein from Old Irish féin, self.
12. Suffixed (ablatival) form *swe-tos, from oneself. khedive from Old Iranian khvadāta-, lord, by haplology from compound form *khvatō-dāta-, created from oneself (dāta-, created; see dhē-)
13. Perhaps suffixed form *swe-tono-. Khotanese from Khotanese Hvatana-, perhaps "those holding their own (power), masters"

[Pokorny se- 882.]

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