skand- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root skand-: ascend, descend, echelon, escalade, scale, scan, scandal, scandent, scansion, scansorial, scantling, transcend.


To leap, climb.

1. scan, scandent, scansion, scansorial, scantling; ascend, condescend, descend, transcend from Latin scandere, to climb.
2. Suffixed form *skand-alo-. scandal, slander from Greek skandalon, a snare, trap, stumbling block.
3. Suffixed form *skand-slā-. echelon, escalade, scale2 from Latin scālae, steps, ladder.

[Not in Pokorny; compare Sanskrit skandati, he jumps, and Old Irish scendim, I jump.]

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