skeud- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root skeud-: schuss, scot, scout, sheet, shoot, shot, shout, shut, shuttle, wainscot.


To shoot, chase, throw.

Derivatives include shoot, shut, scuttle1.

1. shoot from Old English scēotan, to shoot, from Germanic *skeutan, to shoot.
a. shot1 from Old English sceot, scot, shooting, a shot;
b. schuss from Old High German scuz, shooting, a shot;
c. scot, scot and lot from Old Norse skot and Old French escot, contribution, tax (< "money thrown down");
d. wainscot from Middle Dutch sc(h)ot, crossbar, wooden partition. a-d all from Germanic *skutaz, shooting, shot.
3. shut from Old English scyttan, to shut (by pushing a crossbar), probably from Germanic *skutjan.
4. shuttle from Old English scytel, a dart, missile, from Germanic *skutilaz.
a. sheet2 from Old English scēata, corner of a sail;
b. sheet1 from Old English scēte, piece of cloth. Both a and b from Germanic *skautjōn-.
a. scout2 from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse skūta, mockery (< "shooting of words");
b. shout from Old Norse skūta, a taunt. Both a and b from Germanic *skut-.

[Pokorny 2. (s)keud- 955.]

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