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1. Abnormally high acidity of the blood and body tissues caused by a deficiency of bicarbonates or an excess of acids other than carbonic acid. It can result from any of various acute or chronic disorders or from the ingestion of certain drugs and toxins. Also called metabolic acidosis.
2. Abnormally high acidity of the blood and body tissues caused by an excess of carbon dioxide due to hypoventilation. Also called respiratory acidosis.

ac′i·dot′ic (-dŏt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.acidotic - having or being characterized by acidosisacidotic - having or being characterized by acidosis
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Sending a patient who is acidotic and not responding to resuscitation is an example of cognitive lock-out and represents protocol violation.
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Moreover, the patient had dry mouth, sunken eyeballs, acidotic breathing and she was weak.
(1) Evaluation of blood gases in 2 birds showed that the birds were acidotic (HC[O.sup.-.sub.3] < 15 mmol/L; TC[O.sub.2] < 17 mmol/L) when compared with reported blood gas values from clinically normal American flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber), (2) and lactate values were within reference intervals in both birds.
The figure is higher than the 16% reported in a global study (4) reflecting a more acidotic state of our cohort, as previously discussed.
Respiratory sign (crackle) was observed in 16 (13.33%), while 25 (20.8%) subjects had acidotic breathing (Table 2).
At 9.02pm, an ICU consultant noted Mr Smith's pupils were "fixed and dilated", there were maximum doses of adrenaline, and that the patient was "profoundly acidotic".
The child was hyponatraemic with a serum sodium of 125 mmol/L and mildly acidotic (serum bicarbonate 18 mmol/L) with a disproportionately raised blood urea and low serum creatinine, which was suggestive of pre-renal failure.
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