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That great administrator,--for he was that, gentlemen,--saw what the thing is coming to, the thing that these idiots call the 'working of our admirable institutions.' The chamber will want before long to administrate, and the administrators will want to legislate.
55 contracts worth 6 billion and 85 million Libyan Dinars to implement several integrated housing and public utilities projects to administrate the projects and to supervise housing and public utilities projects in different Shabias.
There are not enough hours in the day, days in the week for one man to administrate a place of that size, however clever he may be.
The dance field cannot absorb every retiree as a teacher, and not every dancer wants to teach or, for that matter, administrate. But can we open special opportunities for older dancers still to dance?
For convenience, RF ID tags have been purposed to be applied to price and baggage tags of general products to administrate their prices and logistics, but the high manufacturing cost of the terminal devices is an obstacle to promoting their widespread use.
IBM Mexico has expanded its financial options with a new offer that allows companies to administrate its entire products and services portfolio, becoming the largest financial solutions portfolio in the country.

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