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(word root) man
Examples of words with the root -androus: polyandrous
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The Kataeb Party has put forward Samer Saadeh in Batroun, Roy Keyrouz in Bsharri, Michel Dweihi in Zgharta and Albert Androus in Koura.
Andreou, Elena, Eric Ghysels, and Androus Kourtellos (forthcoming) "Should Macroeconomic Forecasters Use Daily Financial Data and How?" Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.
In a commentary, Zuheir Androus, editor of a newspaper in Galilee, reminded Mr Barakeh that his family came from Saffuriya, a Palestinian village close to Nazareth that was ethnically cleansed during the Nakba, the Palestinian name for the 1948 war that founded Israel.
Cultural Relativism at Home and Abroad: An American Anthropologist Confronts the Genital Mutilation of Children; Zachary Androus.