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 (ăn′ĭk-dŏt′ĭk) also an·ec·dot·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Given to telling anecdotes.
2. Variant of anecdotal..

an′ec·dot′i·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌæn ɪkˈdɒt ɪk)

also an`ec•dot′i•cal,

1. anecdotal.
2. fond of telling anecdotes.
an`ec•dot′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.anecdotic - characterized by or given to telling anecdotes; "anecdotal conversation"; "an anecdotal history of jazz"; "he was at his anecdotic best"
communicatory, communicative - able or tending to communicate; "was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew"- W.M.Thackeray
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Avoiding the popular "Wolfe collection," whose anecdotic canvases filled one of the main galleries of the queer wilderness of cast-iron and encaustic tiles known as the Metropolitan Museum, they had wandered down a passage to the room where the "Cesnola antiquities" mouldered in unvisited loneliness.
As an anecdotic reference, that was exactly what motivated this research in the first place: we were working on a gamified learning environment called TICademia ( and when the number of users only came to a thousand, the leaderboard based on a relational data base approach worked just fine.
This approach remains anecdotic. It is important to remember that there is a significant proportion of pneumothorax after positioning endobronchial valves [96].
TCD has been described to have a specificity as high as 99% leaving false positive cases anecdotic [8].
This strategy is present in virtually all the wartime-related columns and was, according to Coulouma, a marked feature of the column as a whole: "since the constant use of anecdotes presents the column itself as harmless banter, it brings down the serious, political news to the level of anecdotic (and often comically absurd) fun" (2011: 170).
thomasi), and two additional records (Mena, in litt.), Neotoma mexicana at 1611 m in a previous pilot assessment and an anecdotic record of Oligoryzomys fulvescens at 500 m provide some evidence of an increase in species at middle and high elevations.
The remaining articles were considered as uncontrolled clinical studies with methodological inconsistencies, case reports or anecdotic accounts (267 studies) (CONADIC, 2014) because they did not include the doses, administration route or sample randomization, or else they did not clearly specify the study procedure.
As regards the literary style, the work intertwines modern narrative history to encapsulate personal depictions, anecdotic events in a supportive role of social history in contrast to the more rigid chronology of traditional narrative styles combining historical institutionalism with a more personal, close study of the central historical figure of Carol I.
Meanwhile, available data of SS is more anecdotic which results in a nonsystematic gathering of information, which is thus frequently incomplete.
Criteria used to assess the students' exam answers Grade Description 0 No answer 1-4 Incorrect answer: no contents addressed or anecdotic / no theoretical or conceptual framework provided / vague or ambiguous answer / important conceptual mistakes in the answer 5-6 Acceptable answer: the answer presents most of the features but lacks the conceptual framework / the student gives opinions rather than documented topics / the content is not correctly explained 7-8 Good answer: the answer correctly presents most of the cognitive developmental features but lacks some of them 9-10 Remarkable answer: the answer covers all the cognitive developmental features and is developed within an appropriate theoretical framework Table 2.
For example, there is some anecdotic evidence that some self-made billionaires do not want to bequeath their children with too much money (see, e.g., Roberts 2014) and there is evidence that those who have inherited money also want to or feel they have to pass on money to their children (e.g., Arrondel, Masson, and Pestieau 1997 or Ostrower 1995).