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n. pl. an·en·ceph·a·lies
Congenital absence of most of the brain and spinal cord.

an′en·ce·phal′ic (-sə-făl′ĭk) adj.
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(Pathology) born with no or only a partial brain
[an- + encephalic]
anencephaly n
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Adj.1.anencephalic - characterized by partial or total absence of a brainanencephalic - characterized by partial or total absence of a brain
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Miller believes the scientific community would view anencephalics as dead at birth because they have no brain waves or any form of consciousness.
In the imaginations of the bioethicists, anencephalics (that is to say, children born without brains) and those whom they revealingly persist in calling human vegetables loom disproportionately large, as if most doctors spent most of their time tending to them.
Truog (as above) also states that "qualified individuals who had given their consent, could simply have their organs removed under general anesthesia, without first undergoing an orchestrated withdrawal of life support, and that anencephalics could be similarly treated." For some years there has been a strong movement among doctors and ethicists to rationalize, as they do in the euthanasia debate, that killing may sometimes be a justifiable necessity, and there is also a movement to fabricate some sort of social consensus in these matters, which they hope would lead to their acceptance by the public.
When are anencephalics considered legally dead so that their organs may be harvested?(179) What about assisted reproduction,(180) genetic manipulation, and cloning?
Although anencephalics lack an upper brain, they do have brain stem function, and thus are legally alive under existing criteria and tests for whole-brain death.
Then you'll know why I use it to describe vivisectors, traffic wardens, butchers, farmers, lawyers, politicians and witless anencephalics who drive around with their rear view vision impeded by "baby on board" stickers.
Under this theory, certain human beings -- including anencephalics, permanently vegetative patients, and neonates -- are deemed nonpersons.
What can we expect when much of the voting will be done by toxic, empty- headed, cryptorchid anencephalics?
Thus, it came as a stunning surprise to many when, at the meeting of the AMA's House of Delegates this past June, the council submitted a new opinion setting forth three conditions for using anencephalics as organ donors "although still alive": independently confirmed diagnosis, parental consent, and compliance with the AMA's other guidelines for transplantation.
Using transplanted organs from doomed anencephalics to save other infants lives was, some said, against Kantian ethics.