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1. A positively charged electrode, as of an electrolytic cell, storage battery, diode, or electron tube.
2. The negatively charged terminal of a primary cell or of a storage battery that is supplying current.

[Greek anodos, a way up : ana-, ana- + hodos, way.]

a·nod′ic (ə-nŏd′ĭk), a·nod′al (ə-nōd′l) adj.
a·nod′i·cal·ly, a·nod′al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.anodic - of or at or relating to an anodeanodic - of or at or relating to an anode  
cathodic - of or at or pertaining to a cathode; "cathodic deposition of metals"
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The second anodic peak, [][E.sub.a2], is essentially constant as the pH increases from pH 4 to 7 and it becomes less anodic with increasing concentration of hydroxide ions by 85 [+ or -] 2 mV per pH between neutral pH and 1M sodium hydroxide.
The CV of Cu(II) in Cu[Cl.sub.2] shows two cathodic peaks at potential 45.4 mV and -212.2 mV, and two anodic peaks at potential 241.0 mV and 88.4 mV, respectively.
"Highest Measured Anodic Stability in Aqueous Solutions: Graphenic Electrodes from the Thermolyzed Asphalt Reaction" I.
One element, usually the anodic element of an alloy, corrodes away, leaving the cathodic element.
In particular, anodic oxidation is an electrochemical method generated by potentiostatic or galvanostatic process in strong acids such as [H.sub.3]P[O.sub.4], [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] and HF at high current density or potential.
Stable in a broad range of resins, it is designed to offer effective anodic inhibition in solventborne and waterborne systems.
Both types of primer are available with either zinc or aluminum anodic material.
Anodic oxide layers are of increasing interest for many engineering applications (automotive, shipbuilding, and construction industries) due to their high hardness and high resistance to thermal and corrosive loadings combined with relatively low densities [1-5].
- Anodic (Type) Market Share Breakdown of Key Players: 2019 & 2025
Axalta's powder coatings product portfolio includes the ICONICA, Optimum Fine Textured, Anodic and Timeless collections as well as more than 150 currently available, off-the-shelf metallic powder coatings.