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1. Grammar
a. A construction in which a noun or noun phrase is placed with another as an explanatory equivalent, both having the same syntactic relation to the other elements in the sentence; for example, Copley and the painter in The painter Copley was born in Boston.
b. The relationship between such nouns or noun phrases.
2. A placing side by side or next to each other.
3. Biology The growth of successive layers of a cell wall.

[Middle English apposicioun, from Latin appositiō, appositiōn-, from appositus, past participle of appōnere, to put near; see apposite.]

ap′po·si′tion·al adj.
ap′po·si′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.appositional - relating to or being in apposition; "an appositive noun"
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[ˌæpəˈzɪʃənl] ADJaposicional
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(36) That is, an appositional 2nd person pronoun serves as a casus pendens, which is followed by a bipartite clause where the pronoun that resumes it serves as the subject, "You too, you are one of them" (Mt 26:73) and "As for you, you are my friends" (Jn 15:14).
ISGEO defined PACS, PAC, and PACG as follows: (1) PACS shows appositional contact between the peripheral iris and posterior trabecular meshwork; (2) PAC shows an occluded drainage angle and shows features indicating that trabecular obstruction by the peripheral iris has occurred in the eye, such as peripheral anterior synechiae, elevated IOP, iris whorling (distortion of the radially orientated iris fibers), glaucomfleken lens opacities, or excessive pigment deposition on the trabecular surface.
Second, although the compound eyes of most mantids are appositional, sensitive to movement, and adapted to vision mostly in daylight (Kral 2012), this male was able to see and catch the fish under the water at night and to overcome refractive challenges.
Bones of young animals tend to heal faster than those of older animals (STRUBE, 2008) because many arteries perforate the newly formed appositional bone, running longitudinally over the periosteal surface (JOHNSON, 2013).
The base diameter had appositional growth of 6.3 millimeters/yr to the radius.
isolated phrases, appended clauses and other instances of appositional
The raised IOP in this case is explained by virtue of the fact that there is reduced aqueous outflow through the conventional route; this may be due to appositional contact with the iris and/or damage to the trabecular meshwork through contact with the iris, or, meshwork damage from elevated pressure.
They are marked skeletally by areas of abnormal porosity, new bone formation, hypervascularity, and appositional bone on top of the cortical bone surface (Aufderheide and Rodriguez-Martin 1998; DeWitte 2014; Ortner 2003, 2008).
In cases where masseter hypertrophy causes appositional changes in the bone, the success rate with botulinum toxin treatment alone is low, and the surgical option should be considered.
Gonioscopy revealed appositional closure of the anterior chamber angle (grade 2, according to the Shaffer classification system, and (A)B20b2+, according to the Spaeth classification system).