arrival gate

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Noun1.arrival gate - gate where passengers disembarkarrival gate - gate where passengers disembark  
gate - passageway (as in an air terminal) where passengers can embark or disembark
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There's a paper plane to look for on each page too as you follow a jet-setting family on their journey from the check-in through to the arrival gate (featuring plenty more things to spot).
With the airport's introduction of more transfer gates and minimum connection lanes, passengers at HIA are screened to national standards at the arrival gate directly, ensuring that at least 95 percent of the airport's transfer passengers queue for under five minutes.
The airport has also added security personnel and provided free shuttle service from the arrival gate to the Park and Fly compound, with children and the elderly as priority passengers.
After their efforts proved unproductive, they laid in front of the arrival gate blocking the way.
"The police went to the arrival gate and the defendant was handcuffed and taken into custody."
"A middle-aged lady on seeing me started raising anti-BJP slogans and even followed up to the arrival gate. Her appearance looked threatening; I feel some organisation is behind her," Soundararajan said.
By 5:35pm Hafiz exited the arrival gate, accompanied by an Indonesian government representative.
"Installation of camera scanners at level two and eight near gates 14 and 15 and post duty free arrivals, hand scanners will be operated by trained nurses from the Health Ministry at arrival gate 13B and the disease isolation room is equipped and readied to treat any subjects."
While the FOI response did not detail the circumstances of the incidents, a Government factsheet published in 2015 stated that misdirections usually occur because the wrong doors have been opened at the arrival gate, or because the airline or airport operator sent the passenger to the wrong place.
After an eight-hour flight from Paris to New York, weary Delta Air Lines passengers were forced to walk one entire mile (1.6 km) from the arrival gate to the Immigration and Customs area.
Not only airport transfer, we start off by picking them up from their arrival gate, followed by collecting their luggage, then bringing them to the resort."