at the ready

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adj. read·i·er, read·i·est
1. Prepared or available for service, action, or progress: I am ready to work. The soup will be ready in a minute. The pupils are ready to learn to read.
2. Mentally disposed; willing: He was ready to believe her.
3. Likely or about to do something: She is ready to retire.
4. Prompt in apprehending or reacting: a ready intelligence; a ready response.
5. Available: ready money.
tr.v. read·ied, read·y·ing, read·ies
To cause to be ready.
at the ready
Available for immediate use: soldiers with machine guns at the ready; students with notebooks at the ready.
make ready
To make preparations.

[Middle English redy : Old English rǣde; see reidh- in Indo-European roots + Middle English -y, -y; see -y1.]

read′i·ness n.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: the ready - ready for immediate useat the ready - ready for immediate use; "soldiers with guns at the ready"; "students with pens and notebooks at the ready"
ready - completely prepared or in condition for immediate action or use or progress; "get ready"; "she is ready to resign"; "the bridge is ready to collapse"; "I am ready to work"; "ready for action"; "ready for use"; "the soup will be ready in a minute"; "ready to learn to read"
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The most popular sessions at the Ready Campus trainings in Pennsylvania were the risk and liability assessment overviews.
A different way of looking at the Ready to Teach Act is that first the federal government creates a "problem" through regulation, then proposes a "solution" that involves even more regulation.
"The Ready Reserve Force remains ever at the ready to support rapid, massive movement of military supplies and troops anywhere in the world," said Mineta, at a ceremony in Baltimore aboard the M/V Cape Wrath.