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n. pl. attorneys-at-law
An attorney.
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n, pl attorneys-at-law
1. (Law) chiefly US a lawyer qualified to represent in court a party to a legal action
2. (Professions) chiefly US a lawyer qualified to represent in court a party to a legal action
3. (Law) obsolete Brit a solicitor
4. (Professions) obsolete Brit a solicitor
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n., pl. attorneys-at-law.
an officer of the court authorized to appear before it as a representative of a party to a legal controversy.
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And at her house in town, upon this muddy, murky afternoon, presents himself an old- fashioned old gentleman, attorney-at-law and eke solicitor of the High Court of Chancery, who has the honour of acting as legal adviser of the Dedlocks and has as many cast-iron boxes in his office with that name outside as if the present baronet were the coin of the conjuror's trick and were constantly being juggled through the whole set.
It has also been proposed to upgrade the required qualification of a Kadi to Attorney-at-Law. An agreement has also been reached to permit female Kadis (Women who will adjudicate family law of Muslims).
Ms Levi is an attorney-at-law, admitted to the US Supreme Court, the New York Bar, and the Italian Bar (Milan).
On the last occasion, Attorney-at-Law Jeewantha Jayathilake appearing on behalf of the Kasun Palisena stated that his client's second child was a premature birth.
I am pleased to have joined KPMG in Qatar to support the country's businesses and organisations, and our staff." Henzen holds a Master of Law degree from the University of Berne, is an Attorney-at-Law (1998) and a Certified Swiss Tax Advisor (2002).
Chandima Ravini Jinadasa, Deepanjalie Abeywardana, Attorney-at-law Sabrina Esufally, Sharanya Sekaram, Randhula de Silva, Meneka Galgamuwa, Sujatha Gamage and Visakha Tillekeratne.
Currently, Boudrie is an attorney-at-law and partner at Hamilton AdvokatbyrAaAaAe She reportedly has solid experience in Swedish and international real estate transactions, property law, commercial contract law and tenancy.
Drafting legal contracts, instruments, or legislation is neither a secret order into which one must be initiated nor a skill acquired by osmosis from the label "attorney-at-law" on the desk, say Kuney and Looper.
He is a licensed attorney-at-law and a licensed real estate broker in New York.
Beeraj Patel, Attorney-at-law will still be available to manage all immigration needs of the existing clients of Patel Law Firm LLC.
The actual presentation of the petition was made by the legal duo of Roger Wareham, attorney-at-law and head of the International Secretariat of the December nth Movement, and David Comissiong, a senior Barbadian attorney-at-law.
While I agree with a previous writer that using "Esq." after lawyers' names is both silly and pretentious, I have to wonder at his continued use of the phrase "Attorney at Law." Except in the exceedingly rare instance when it is genuinely necessary to distinguish an attorney-at-law from an attorney-in-fact, the "at Law" portion of that title is just as unnecessary and pretentious as "Esq."

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