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tr.v. at·trit·ted, at·trit·ting, at·trits or at·trit·ed or at·trit·ing
To weaken or reduce in number by stress or military action: "attriting enemy forces faster than they could be replaced" (Lewis Sorley ).

[Back-formation from attrition.]
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Adj.1.attrited - worn by rubbing or frictionattrited - worn by rubbing or friction    
worn - affected by wear; damaged by long use; "worn threads on the screw"; "a worn suit"; "the worn pockets on the jacket"
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Another limitation with these cusp tips arises when the teeth are severely attrited. Although we used 3D software for measuring palatal dimensions, it is not easy to determine the accurate height of the palate vault as it can lie anywhere anteroposteriorly along the midpalatine raphe.
"The commission periodically conducts special examination for the purpose of giving police officers who are about to be attrited due to non-promotion the chance to be promoted by acquiring the appropriate eligibility," Casurao said
The analysis revealed that attrited participants were, in fact, significantly different from continuing participants (Pillai's Trace: F(3, 660) = .052, p < .001), but the effect size was small (partial [[eta].sup.2] = .052).
He had attrited from university in second semester of his first year in this degree program, but returned six months later to continue.
Note that those who transferred to a different Project STAR school that were randomized into a small class are considered to have attrited from the sample.
Park, "From morphology of attrited copper/MWCNT hybrid fillers to thermal and mechanical characteristics of their respective polymer-matrix composites: an analytical and experimental study," Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol.
In a long lasting war "we quickly run out of modern weapons, because they just get attrited too fast." The U.S.
Another mechanized company team repositioned and was further attrited, contributing to the battalion's sequential defeat in detail.
Tagami, "Characterization of transparent dentin in attrited teeth using optical coherence tomography," Lasers in surgery and medicine, vol.
With the attrited sample of ninety out of hundred and fifty five mothers assessed prenatally and within four weeks postnatal, this research documented important findings.
Posterior teeth were severely attrited. It was noted that there was no loss of vertical dimension.