auction block

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: block - a platform from which an auctioneer sellsauction block - a platform from which an auctioneer sells; "they put their paintings on the block"
platform - a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
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This same in- fernal law had existed in our own South in my own time, more than thirteen hundred years later, and under it hundreds of freemen who could not prove that they were freemen had been sold into lifelong slavery without the circumstance making any particular im- pression upon me; but the minute law and the auction block came into my personal experience, a thing which had been merely improper before became sud- denly hellish.
Along with the surge in stocks, upcoming supply with $113 B in shorter coupons on the auction block could push yields higher too.
The steepest drop in foreclosure activity occurred in the Bronx, where only 96 homes headed to the auction block. Year-over-year foreclosure cases dropped 24 percent, while quarter-over-quarter they dipped 36 perecent.
Long story short: Diaz had donated it (one of several she used during her reign in 1969) and I was lucky enough to buy it even before it was put on the auction block.
The appeal of cheap, usable speed is completely understandable and always makes them the cars to watch when they cross the auction block at our sales."
A piece of computer history that helped launch a trillion dollar company is hitting the auction block.
LOS ANGELES -- About 15 iconic vehicles of film and music are about to hit the auction block at GWS Auctions' upcoming Legends: Iconic Film & Music Memorabilia Auction to take place in Los Angeles on Saturday, Aug.
(AP) -- A private jet once owned by Elvis Presley that has sat on a runway in New Mexico for nearly four decades is back on the auction block.
The UA Northpark 14 movie theater in Ridgeland will go on the auction block June 28.
Around 5:30 EDT, Saturday, the car rolled onto the auction block while "Hail to the chief" played from the speakers in the background. At first it appeared that the car would not sell and it left the auction block with a top bid of $245,000, which was not even the minimum bid required for the sale and also did not meet the reserve price, ( Bloomberg reported.
Their final three-day auction of the year commenced on Wednesday, with around 1500 registrations coming onto the auction block.
This is the first time it is offered on the auction block and is unique as it is outside the city limits - therefore city taxes will not be incurred.