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 (băng′kō, bäng′-)
n. pl. ban·cos
A bet in certain gambling games for the entire amount the banker offers to accept.
Used to announce such a bet.

[Italian, variant of banca, from Old Italian; see bank2.]
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(Gambling, except Cards) a call in gambling games such as chemin de fer and baccarat by a player or bystander who wishes to bet against the entire bank
[C18: from French from Italian: bank]
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Bar, strengthened as usual with his double eye-glass and his little jury droop, was overjoyed to see the engaging young Barnacle; and opined that we were going to sit in Banco, as we lawyers called it, to take a special argument?
'Just so, just so,' said Bar, nodding his head, for he was not to be put off in that way, 'and therefore I spoke of our sitting in Banco to take a special argument--meaning this to be a high and solemn occasion, when, as Captain Macheath says, "the judges are met: a terrible show!" We lawyers are sufficiently liberal, you see, to quote the Captain, though the Captain is severe upon us.
El concepto de gobernanza, en este caso, tambien se emplea para analizar la estructura de gobierno de los bancos multilaterales de desarrollo, los cuales mayormente replican la estructura del Banco Mundial y se apartan de la forma de organizacion usual en bancos comerciales.
Jose "Jobo" Fernandez ordered the closure of Banco Filipino by issuing Monetary Board Resolution 75 and placed Banco Filipino under receivership.
Fitch has withdrawn Banco Popular's IDRs and Support Rating following the completion of the bank's merger with Banco Santander, which resulted in Banco Popular's assets and liabilities being transferred to Banco Santander.
In a 13-page decision penned by Associate Justice Ronaldo Roberto Martin, the CA's Tenth Division found grave abuse on the 'precipitate haste' on the part of the PDIC in putting 133 assets of Banco Filipino out for bid.
In a six-page resolution released earlier this week, the former 15th Division of the appellate court reconsidered and set aside its decision in November last year that lifted the writ of preliminary injunction (WPI) issued by a Makati court against the disposition of Banco Filipino's seized assets after its closure in 2011.
Banco Itau BBA S.A., Citigroup Global Markets Brasil, Corretora de Cambio, Titulos e Valores Mobiliarios S.A., Deutsche Bank S.A.
Spain's Banco Santander (SAN.MC) (NYSE: STD) has received approval from the European Commission (EC) for its proposed acquisition of Banco Popular Espanol, S.A.
An alternative structure based upon the treatment of depositors in a bank restructuring will generate the necessary [euro]2 billion of Novo Banco capital while providing full protection of small investors and equal treatment for bondholders of equal rank.
According to these people, Banco Popular Espanol SA (BME:POP) and Banco de Sabadell SA (BME:SAB) were among those approached.