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v. barn·stormed, barn·storm·ing, barn·storms
1. To travel around the countryside making political speeches, giving lectures, or presenting theatrical performances.
2. To appear at county fairs and carnivals in exhibitions of stunt flying and parachute jumping.
3. To travel around an area appearing in exhibition sports events, especially baseball games.
To travel across while barnstorming.

barn′storm′er n.
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[ˈbɑːnstɔːmɪŋ] ADJ (Brit) → arrollador, arrasador
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Forrest has scored in the last three ties against Cluj and AIK during a barnstorming start to the campaign.
Based on a true story, Pride is a barnstorming culture-clash comedy drama that lives up to its title.
West Lothian's Paul Di Resta sneaked into the points once again following a barnstorming drive yesterday in round three of the DTM Championship at Zolder in Belgium.
In "The Big Fella," Leavy, as she did in her biography of Sandy Koufax, takes a single event, in this case Ruth's barnstorming tour in 1927 with Lou Gehrig, as the centerpiece for her narrative of Ruth's life from his early days when he was sent by his father to a Baltimore orphanage to his extraordinary and tumultuous career with the New York Yankees -- a career that, Leavy contends, changed America's culture.
And "barnstorming centre-forward" Fred Pickering, who enjoyed two seasons at Birmingham City in the late 1960s and was once Britain's most expensive footballer, died on Saturday, aged 78.
Abstract: Looking back at the history of barnstorming in 1920s and 1930s America and William Faulkner's own experience in aerial performing, this paper investigates the repositioning of the aeroplane as an aesthetic figure rather than a purely instrumental vehicle in Pylon (1935).
WASHINGTON - Two of Texas' most notable Democrats, the Castro brothers, will spend the final weekend before Election Day barnstorming the country for their party's nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
It describes his childhood in Ohio, his training in Canada, his 22 victories (the most by an American at the time), his return from the war, his career in barnstorming and various jobs after the war, his books Combat Report and Barnstorming and Girls, his art, and his final years.
Naturally, with the contest reaching its conclusion, the stakes have never been higher for the remaining contestants, who will need to produce barnstorming performances in order to secure a place in the semifinals.
The duo said the stunt, which took place at Llanbedr Airfield in north Wales, was inspired by the "barnstorming pilots" of the 1900s.