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Noun1.basketeer - an athlete who plays basketballbasketeer - an athlete who plays basketball  
athlete, jock - a person trained to compete in sports
center - (basketball) the person who plays center on a basketball team
dribbler - a basketball player who is dribbling the ball to advance it
dunker - a basketball player who is able to make dunk shots
forward - the person who plays the position of forward in certain games, such as basketball, soccer, or hockey
guard - the person who plays the position of guard on a basketball team
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Yes, Gaston agreed, the MPBL is Manny Pacquiao's way of giving back Pinoy Basketbol back to loyal Filipino fans and the true-blue Filipino basketeer.
Perhaps in the presence of all these media, hungry for a quote, ready to pounce on anything click-bait, the young basketeer was cautious.
The focus this season is the Basketeer search for balance.
Even if you're a seasoned basketeer, you'll learn some new tricks as she adds a creative twist to standard gift basket styles with new methods, materials, and containers.
Pacquiao did not say it, but the MPBL must be his way of giving Philippine basket back to the genuine Pinoy basketeer.
The world's best basketeer told sportswriters the Dub Nation's big names 'are in their 20s and they don't show any signs of slowing down.'
He earned acclaim as the greatest Filipino basketeer of all time.
But the millionpeso check handed to the greatest Filipino basketeer ever brings joy not only to King Caloy, but to Philippine sports as a whole.
San Beda paces Small Basketeers Philippines !-- -- (The Philippine Star) - August 6, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines San Beda University edged College of San Benildo-Rizal, 53-52, to notch its second straight victory in the Small Basketeers Philippines competition of the BEST Center's twin SBP-Passerelle tournaments at Xavier gym last Sunday.
La Salle Green Hills-Team A thumped Ateneo De Manila University 64-44 on Sunday to annex its fourth straight title in the 33rd Small Basketeers Philippines-Passerelle Twin Tournament at the Colegio San Agustin Gymnasium in Makati.
Goulding's team of basketeers will be on site filling baskets/containers and, starting from mid-April through to July, you can choose from an extensive range or bring your own container for the team to refill.