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Adj.1.batholitic - of or relating to a batholith
geology - a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
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The lithology around CP is composed of gneiss (quartz-feldspars), shale (quartz-mica), marble, amphibolite, and quartzite from Permic to Jurassic [24] and metamorphic, granitic, and granodiorite rocks which are intruded by batholitic rocks [16], together with dacite and andesite from Miocene and rhyodacite from Quaternary [25].
Towards the western part of northwestern Mexico, subduction related magmatism is represented by batholitic granitoids between 90 and 40 Ma (McDowell et al., 1997, 2001), whereas towards the east of the Baja California peninsula, a continuous subduction related magmatism during Eocene-Oligocene (between 38 and 23 Ma) has generated important inland magmatism along the Sierra Madre Occidental belt (McDowell and Keizer, 1977; Stock and Lee, 1994; Benoit et al., 2002).
The large batholitic terrain in the southwestern half of the Moravo-Silesian basement consists of two separate domains, the smaller Dyje (Dyje) Dome and the larger Brno Composite Batholith.