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1. An area where a battle is fought.
2. A sphere of contention. In both senses also called battleground.


(ˈbætəlˌfiːld) or


(Military) the place where a battle is fought; an area of conflict


(ˈbæt lˌfild)

1. the field or ground on which a battle is fought.
2. an area of contention, conflict, or hostile opposition.
Also called bat•tle•ground (ˈbæt lˌgraʊnd)
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Noun1.battlefield - a region where a battle is being (or has been) foughtbattlefield - a region where a battle is being (or has been) fought; "they made a tour of Civil War battlefields"
battlefront, front line, front - the line along which opposing armies face each other
sector - a portion of a military position


noun battleground, front, field, war zone, combat zone, field of battle the battlefields of the Somme
ساحَةُ قِتال، ميْدان مَعْرَكه
bojno polje
savaş alanı


[ˈbætlfiːld] N battleground [ˈbætlgraʊnd] Ncampo m de batalla


[ˈbætəlfiːld] n
(= place) → champ m de bataille
on the battlefield → sur le champ de bataille
(= controversial issue) → champ m de bataille
a political battlefield → un champ de bataille politique


[ˈbætlˌfiːld] battleground [ˈbætlˌgraʊnd] ncampo di battaglia


(ˈbӕtl) noun
a fight between opposing armies or individuals. the last battle of the war.
to fight.
ˈbattlefield noun
the place where a battle is, or was, fought. dead bodies covered the battlefield.
ˈbattleship noun
a heavily armed and armoured warship.
References in classic literature ?
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, given November 19, 1863 on the battlefield near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
They had reached the battery at which Prince Andrew had been when he examined the battlefield.
"Very good!" said Bagration in reply to the officer's report, and began deliberately to examine the whole battlefield extended before him.
Illustrious is it to have many virtues, but a hard lot; and many a one hath gone into the wilderness and killed himself, because he was weary of being the battle and battlefield of virtues.
Without arguing this matter of my general reputation, accepting it at its current face value, let me add that I have indeed lived life in a very rough school and have seen more than the average man's share of inhumanity and cruelty, from the forecastle and the prison, the slum and the desert, the execution-chamber and the lazar-house, to the battlefield and the military hospital.
He had passed into the neighborhood of Stone's River battlefield when a man approached him from the roadside and saluted in the military fashion, with a movement of the right hand to the hat-brim.
The Mediterranean, the blue sea par excellence, "the great sea" of the Hebrews, "the sea" of the Greeks, the "mare nostrum" of the Romans, bordered by orange-trees, aloes, cacti, and sea-pines; embalmed with the perfume of the myrtle, surrounded by rude mountains, saturated with pure and transparent air, but incessantly worked by underground fires; a perfect battlefield in which Neptune and Pluto still dispute the empire of the world!
"In a battlefield," he observed slowly, "one naturally becomes a little callous, but here it is different.
In time of war it was certainly more exciting, for a page had often to follow his master to the battlefield. And as a war with France was begun in 1359, Geoffrey went across the Channel with his prince.
No doubt, if a King Richard III were worsted on a modern battlefield, his instinctive cry would be, "My Kingdom for a telephone!"
In this way and under fire of the Russian cannon, one hundred and fifty miles of wire were strung across the battlefield. As the Japanese said, it was this "flying telephone" that enabled Oyama to manipulate his forces as handily as though he were playing a game of chess.
Summary: Orbis Research recently announces that Global Battlefield Management Systems Market 2019 analyses the crucial factors of the market based on Present Industry Situations, Market Demands and Their Growth Scenario.