black bamboo

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bamboo - small bamboo having thin green culms turning shining blackblack bamboo - small bamboo having thin green culms turning shining black
bamboo - woody tropical grass having hollow woody stems; mature canes used for construction and furniture
genus Phyllostachys, Phyllostachys - medium and large bamboos
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Conducted by the staff of the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) Extension Directorate, the activity also involved the planting of 10 high-valued bamboo species in the vicinities of the barangay, such as kawayan tinik, machiku, Calcutta, Buddha bamboo, killing, bayog, Thailand, yellow striated, iron bamboo, and black bamboo.
Contained Black bamboo Wild: Plants grow free to achieve a tropical look Calm: Pond bathed in gentle sunlight
A man, who was allegedly assaulted by nightclub security man at the Black Bamboo Lounge in Eldoret on Saturday, has succumbed to his injuries.
And for a bit of height go for the Black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra).
Guests can enjoy the garden-have a cup of coffee with fluffy pancakes and French toast amid huge palm trees, black bamboo, hanging plants, ivy and potted plants, and recycled kitchen utensils and bottles that help define the restaurant's rustic, country ambiance.
From black bamboo to reclaimed plastics, the works represent a broad range of approaches by artists working within the field of contemporary basketry.
Conversation shifts to the black bamboo Monching raises on large rectangular pots that line up the driveway.
The bar winds into the next room with a distinct shift in texture and atmosphere, transitioning from a thatch ceiling and banana-leaf wallpaper to a black bamboo ceiling and woven walls.
Another, the Secret Garden, planted with black bamboo, has long tables for reading.
Many rooms look onto the Secret Garden, a quiet place with outdoor tables and plantings of black bamboo, which form natural privacy screens.
London, Sept 26 ( ANI ): US fast food giant Burger King has a new addition for its Japanese franchise - black bamboo and squid ink burger.