blindman's buff

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blind•man's buff

(ˈblaɪndˌmænz ˈbʌf)
a game in which a blindfolded player must catch and identify one of the other players. Also called blind′man's bluff′.
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Noun1.blindman's buff - a children's game in which a blindfolded player tries to catch and identify other playersblindman's buff - a children's game in which a blindfolded player tries to catch and identify other players
child's game - a game enjoyed by children
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I had so plainly the upper-hand that my spirits rose, and indeed I took a pleasure in this game of blindman's buff; but the catechist grew angrier and angrier, and at last began to swear in Gaelic and to strike for my legs with his staff.
Often, the whole colony were playing at blindman's buff, magistrates and all, with their eyes bandaged, except a single scapegoat, whom the blinded sinners pursued by the tinkling of the bells at his garments.
After waiting some quarter of an hour alone in the family sitting- room, which presented traces of having been so hastily arranged after a meal, that one might have doubted whether it was made tidy for visitors, or cleared for blindman's buff, Mr and Mrs Boffin became aware of the entrance of Mrs Wilfer, majestically faint, and with a condescending stitch in her side: which was her company manner.
You remember that Christmas tree of the children?--when we played blindman's buff? and you caught me by the arm so, with such a clutching of fingers that I cried out with the hurt?
Le colin-maillard (Blindman's Buff), 1754-56, the show's opening picture, announced Fragonard's concern to foreground the female's enthusiastic complicity in the game of love.
EXPERT: Tracey gives advice SMACKERS: kiss more often TIED UP: Be more adventurous NO PEEPING YET MY LOVE Blindman's buff has never been such fun as it heightens your pleasure in anticipation