blue flu

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blue flu

A sickout, especially by uniformed police officers.

[From the blue color of most police officers' uniforms.]
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blue′ flu′

organized absenteeism among police officers or firefighters, esp. to circumvent laws prohibiting a formal strike.
[1965–70; from the color of such workers' uniforms]
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The "blue flu" of 1998 had nothing on this and even then hardened crooks took the opportunity to raid a cash-in-transit van, with one of the criminals ending up dead.
THE blue flu affecting Fianna Fail MEPs seems to be catching.
So, when the going gets tough (and it will)...when the compensation, the pay, and benefits seem trivial (and they will, trust me)...when someone begins talking to you about staging a "blue flu" strike or other work stoppage (and they will)...remember what I have told you today and think back to this old retired cop standing in front of you telling you that the police profession is above work stoppages; it is more noble than trivial compensation; and it's worth much, much more than a token effort on your part.
The move - dubbed the Green Flu - is similar to that taken by Gardai in the Republic two years ago during an infamous Blue Flu strike.
While he acknowledges that staff cuts were one obvious cause, David Burnham--a former crime reporter and co-founder of TRAC, the outfit that came up with the statistics in the first place--believes that ATF may have come down with the equivalent of "blue flu." "One hunch--and this is just a hunch--is that there may be a serious morale problem in the wake of Ruby Ridge and Waco.
HUNDREDS were caught up in a "Blue Flu" epidemic yesterday as football fans went off sick to watch the crunch UEFA Cup clash between Rangers and Parma.
The GRA added it will not be a "blue flu" but an all-out strike.
The Government has already been crippled by the Blue Flu initiated by the Gardai.
Well over half the 11,000-strong force reported sick and off-duty in the latest of a planned series of 24-hour so-called Blue Flu" industrial protests.
Mac Lochlainn, 28, died in May 1998 during the "blue flu" unofficial Garda protest over pay.
Thousands of officers reported sick in the latest of a series of 24- hour "blue flu" industrial protests over pay.
Union officials will discuss more one-day stoppages this week following the "blue flu" day on May 1, when 90 per cent of garda officers rang in sick.