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48 Commando went on fighting their way through the Bocage of Normandy through Holland again with heavy losses to the Rhine - I would love to see them remembered alongside the Canadians for their contribution on that day M Timmins Wordsley
Lemmon purchased the vineyard in 1975 and for the next 31 years produced wines under the San Saba and Bocage labels.
His recent books include his fourth collection of poetry, "Bocage" and Other Sonnets, recipient of the X.J.
The bank has hired Thomas Deininger, Paul Mehta and Laetitia du Bocage to join the credit sales desk in London.
Also pictured, clockwise from left: Lorri fawr by Sian GD; Ford Escort MK1 by Gwynant Pierce; I want this one by Roj; Jeep in the Bocage? by Howard ''H'' Pimborough; Vintage Truck Rally by Defabled.
"We really appreciate the opportunity to receive free or low-cost marketing materials from CSCU," said Charmaine Bocage Russo, vice president of marketing at RiverLand Credit Union.
Keeping low through the bocage country [a Norman French mix of woods, pastures, and fields divided by hedgerows], he heard a loud clicking noise behind him, turned, and began running just as a German machine-gunner opened fire on him.
Espoir Du Bocage, who unseated his rider at the seventh, returned lame and was referred for further examination to Leahurst Veterinary Hospital.
Tankers slugged it out with well-camouflaged anti-tank guns, while the infantry struggled through the hedgerows the Norman farmers called "bocage." Almost as many men died or were wounded during the initial push inland as had fallen on Juno Beach.
Charles, Service de Medecine Interne et Immunologie Clinique, Hopital du Bocage, BP 1542, 21034 Dijon, France; fax: 33-3 80 29 38 46; email:
"Many times parents miss an opportunity to teach mini-lessons on entrepreneurship by using household chores," says EDTEC's president, Aaron Bocage. "There is a difference between saying to a child, `Go clean out the basement and I will give you a couple of dollars,'" he explains, "and saying, `I have some things that need to be done around the house; what is it worth to you to do them?