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Any of several plants of the genus Eupatorium in the composite family, especially the eastern North American species E. perfoliatum, having opposite leaves united around the stem and clusters of small white flower heads. Also called thoroughwort.

[From its use as a folk medicine.]
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(Plants) any of various North American plants of the genus Eupatorium, esp E. perfoliatum, which has flat clusters of small white flowers: family Asteraceae (composites). Also called: agueweed, feverwort or thoroughwort
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any composite plant of the genus Eupatorium, esp. E. perfoliatum, of North America, having white flowers in a flat-topped cluster. Also called thoroughwort.
[1810–20, Amer.]
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Noun1.boneset - European herb having small white, pink or purple flowersboneset - European herb having small white, pink or purple flowers; naturalized as a weed in North America
healing herb, comfrey - leaves make a popular tisane; young leaves used in salads or cooked
comfrey, cumfrey - perennial herbs of Europe and Iran; make rapidly growing groundcover for shaded areas
2.boneset - perennial herb of southeastern United States having white-rayed flower headsboneset - perennial herb of southeastern United States having white-rayed flower heads; formerly used as in folk medicine
Eupatorium, genus Eupatorium - large genus of chiefly tropical herbs having heads of white or purplish flowers
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
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Plains wildindigo y leucophaea Bidens cernua Nodding beggartick Brickellia eupatorioides False boneset var.
I can only dream about the result if they were grown with spotted bee-balm Monarda punctata, Joe Pye Weed, Eutrochium purpureum, Hummingbird Mints (Agastache species and hybrids) like Blue Fortune, and Common Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum.
Common names for this useful plant, such as boneset or bruisewort, point to its medicinal uses in the treatment of sprains, bumps, and bruises.
Habtemariam, "Activity-guided isolation and identification of free radical-scavenging components from ethanolic extract of boneset (leaves of Eupatorium perfoliatum)," Natural Product Communications, vol.
Eupatorium altissimum L.; Tall Boneset, Tall Thoroughwort; Old-field along S.
It is also the time to luxuriate in the colorful wildflower bouquets of chicory, pearly everlasting, cow parsnip, boneset, campion, pickerel weed, blue vervain, water lily, bull thistle, wood lily, meadow sweet, pokeweed, partridge pea, tansy, Indian pipes -- and one of the most beautiful of all -- purple loosestrife.
Cluck's seventh album, Boneset, is a rich journey seeded with boldness and heart.
North Dakota-born Tom is promoting his seventh album Green Punks; while Virginia-based songwriter Diane, who has been compared to Joni Mitchell, releases her latest album Boneset in March.
Loud clumps of bees clustered in the fireweed and boneset, and the trail crunched underfoot with cans, condom wrappers, worm containers.
Ex blue grama Griffiths Brickellia eupatorioides (L.) false boneset Shinners var.
For stomach cramps of any kind, Mamie brewed a batch of onion tea, sassafras tea, boneset tea, or tea using whatever dried herbs she had strung in her upstairs loft.