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Adj.1.bottom-dwelling - of or relating to fish and marine life that dwell on the bottom of a body of water
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'We're not going to take them easy,' he said of the 1-4 Dyip, who are just a notch above bottom-dwelling NLEX in the standings.
According to a new study, an unlikely group fuels these communities: tiny, mostly bottom-dwelling creatures called 'cryptobenthic' reef fishes.
Armoured, bottom-dwelling marine creatures called trilobites were among the many victims, though some species survived.
In a separate study, the FWC attempted to understand Florida anglers' opinions and habits regarding descending devices and determine what might be barriers to their wider use among fishermen who target bottom-dwelling species.
A bottom-dwelling scavenger, GloFish Sharks are a great addition to any tank - they clean up leftover food, unsightly algae and small nuisance snails.
The researchers examined preserved samples of bottom-dwelling starfish and brittle stars collected from the trench over the past four decades to assess the extent of synthetic particles they had ingested.
They were looking for sand lance -- a bottom-dwelling fish rich in fats and protein.
Found in the warm waters of the Mediterranean and easter Atlantic Ocean, the bottom-dwelling species is a victim of over-fishing.
The game was born of a joke from Kimmel, who'd said the Republican senator resembled the ocean bottom-dwelling blobfish.
A rich supply of nutrients fosters a food web that includes single-celled algae and bottom-dwelling worms.
While no one is addressing this, we have no fear in doing so: 2018 and beyond will likely see the "consolidation" or shift to digital-only delivery of some of these bottom-dwelling cable channels.