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bottom feeder

1. A fish or other animal that feeds on the bottom of a body of water.
2. One that feeds low on the food chain; a scavenger.
3. Slang
a. An opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others: "The frazzled, adrenaline-pumped tabloid newshounds [in the movie] are the bottom feeders of contemporary journalism" (Entertainment Weekly).
b. A low or despicable person.

bottom feeding n.
bot′tom-feed′ing (bŏt′əm-fē′dĭng) adj.
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the activities of a bottom feeder.
Also called bot′tom-fish`ing.
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Adj.1.bottom-feeding - of or relating to fish and marine life that feed on the bottom of a body of water
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More than a century later, some populations of the massive bottom-feeding fish are showing signs of recovery in the dark corners of U.S.
<p style="font-weight: 400;">The foods include PeeWee for tropical community tanks, Crave Flakes for freshwater community tanks, Monster for large freshwater fish, Big Fella for larger tropical fish, Cat Scrapers for bottom-feeding scavenger fish, and Nano for fish breeding.
One is a bottom-feeding scum sucker, and the other is a fish.
The Illinois River was a habitat for bottom-feeding fish such as catfish, common carp and smallmouth buffalo as well as mussels.
I also ate oysters, which have always bothered me, with their bottom-feeding tendencies.
Pompano are bottom-feeding schoolers that congregate in tight schools in dredged sand holes and along sharp drop-offs and small channels where depths drop abruptly to 4 and 5 feet or more.
Compounding Ted's crisis is an impending divorce and the fact that his daughter, Franny, works as a reporter at the bottom-feeding website, run by a young German billionaire whose motto is "NO RULES.
'We will fight to get out of this ranking and we don't want to be called as a bottom-feeding team.'
For instance, the Lake Erie watersnake was endangered, but its status has been upgraded, in part, because it adapted to eating the round goby, an invasive bottom-feeding fish from Europe.
His bottom-feeding counterpart is omitted, rendered redundant, probably because what chases vermin becomes vermin once the task is completed.
( Variety described the film as "a bottom-feeding slice of tacky TV movie exploitation that transforms a true Hollywood tragedy into a tedious trash."