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1. Concerned exclusively with costs and profits: bottom-line issues.
2. Ruthlessly realistic; pragmatic: a bottom-line political strategy.

bot′tom-line′ v.
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However, higher provisioning expenses at Rs784mn limited the bottom-line growth.
National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) reported 17.5 per cent second quarter growth in bottom-line mainly due to strong growth in non-interest income and a huge decline in provisions.
QIB reported a 15% bottom-line growth in Q2 mainly due to improvement in top-line as well as fee income, Global said.
"Our bottom-line performance underscores opportunities to drive operational improvements and better leverage our national brewing and distribution capabilities ...
Similarly McDonald and Gandz (1991) came up with four clusters of values viz., humanity, vision, adherence to convention and bottom-line. Finegan (2000) compared Schwartz & Bilsky's and McDonald & Gandz's classifications and noted that 'humanity', 'vision' and 'adherence to convention' matched with 'benevolence', 'self-direction' and 'conformity' respectively.
It's a bottom-line decision." And that makes everything all right.
Overall, the goal is to create a professional business community that can have more positive bottom-line impact for all members involved in surplus management and disposition.
Upcoming events include: Employee Engagement Summit (7-9 February, Scottsdale, Arizona); How to Use Strategic Internal Communication to Drive Bottom-Line Results; Internal Branding: Communicating to Your Employees to Build Your Brand, Change Their Behavior and Impact Your Organization's Bottom Line.
It's precisely this focus on branding and bottom-line poll numbers that betrays the promise of democracy in Bolivia, just as it spells doom for
As one of the top three electricity consumers in the province, energy is a major component of their bottom-line fixed costs, according to Inco Ltd.
"And that is why we are hosting our first Green Forum and focusing it on the bottom-line advantages so you'll leave here tonight knowing how to get started on your own program."
As we look back, our considered diagnosis is that we are suffering from a pathology called "bottom-line thinking".