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a lowland alluvial area near a river
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Noun1.Bottomland - low-lying alluvial land near a riverbottomland - low-lying alluvial land near a river
land, soil, ground - material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use); "the land had never been plowed"; "good agricultural soil"
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TABLE 1 MEAN NET PRESENT VALUE OF RETURNS PER ACRE TO BOTTOMLAND HARDWOOD CONVERSION (standard deviations in parentheses) Bolivar, Catahoula, Pointsett, Mississippi Louisiana Arkansas (1) "1985" with No $219 $-2 $449 Wetland Reforms (175) (236) (173) (2) "1987" with No $92 $-43 $632 Wetland Reforms (279) (247) (224) (3) Reform 1: Deny $-46 $-166 $366 Agricultural (311) (276) (293) Program Benefits (4) Reform 2: Deny $1 $-122 $535 Drainage (268) (228) (222) Deductions (5) "1987" with Both $-127 $-236 $271 Wetland Reforms (292) (255) (287) The before and after analysis makes clear that the returns to wetlands drainage in the region fell substantially by a combination of direct wetlands policy reforms and changes in other economic and policy variables.
is available in eight camo options, including Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Bottomland, and includes a harness and tether system with padded and adjustable straps.
The assets include 18 mineral packages and the 237-acre Rush Creek Bottomland farm in Garvin County, which will be offered in four tracts ranging from 17 to 160 acres.
The NOMAD Mg is available in Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession, Bottomland, and Greenleaf patterns.
Another result of this gigantic project was the creation of hundreds of thousands of acres of bottomland wildlife habitat and 52 public recreation areas.
The 3.5" comes in black, Realtree Max-5 and Bottomland. There is a 3" option too, that also comes in lefty.
A greentree reservoir is a stand of bottomland hardwood forest equipped with a levee system, water-control structures and, in some cases, wells and pumps.
Bottomland hardwood forests are important to SEM and RBEB (Clark et al., 1998; Cochran, 1999), providing roosting and foraging habitat (Tiner, 1984).
The Cynergy Wicked Wing wears Mossy Oak Bottomland camo on the composite butt-stock and forearm and Burnt Bronze Cerakote on the receiver and barrels.
Jointvetch is a good bottomland producer because it can take wet soils well.
Hunter Safety System is reintroducing its popular Pro Series treestand harness and making it available in classic Mossy Oak Bottomland. In addition to the new camo, the Pro Series vest now features ElimiShield Hunt Scent Control Technology--a heat-fused fabric treatment that keeps the harness scent-free for life.