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n. pl. boy·os Chiefly Irish and Welsh
A boy or man. Used especially as a form of address.

[boy + -o.]


informal Brit a boy or young man: often used in direct address
[from Irish and Welsh]



1. a boy or youth; young man.
2. chap; fellow (used as a familiar term of address).
[1250–1300; Middle English ladde, of obscure orig.; compare late Old English Ladda (nickname)]
lad′dish, adj.
lad′hood, n.


[ˈbɔɪəʊ] N (Brit) (often in direct address) → joven m, muchacho m


interj (Welsh) → Junge m
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Boyo, Vino and Baby were found in poor health, one of them with dental disease, in a Middlesbrough house when the RSPCA arrived.
Gordon Elliott's improver Chosen Mate in the Grade 2 novice hurdle (3.00) and the Pick 6 perm 1 All For Joy 1.30 Naas 7 Momus 15 Fast Buck 1 Lignou 2.00 5 Coral Blue 2 Kildorrery 2.30 5 Poker Party 7 Uisce Beatha 1 Chosen Mate 3.00 1 Cadmium 3.35 4 Curious Times 4.05 8 Wait Here 9 Mick The Boyo 11 Dark Decade 72 lines @ €1 per leg.
Henry Boyo, an economic expert, several months ago when this debacle first reared its head, the solution lies in strengthening the naira.
Upfront Boyo Lechaena and Tshireletso were the only significant changes in the starting lineup.
Amid accusations by aggrieved shareholders of attempts to suppress the report of the ongoing forensic audit of its operation, Oando PLC Chief Executive, Wale Tinubu, and his deputy, Mofe Boyo, have been asked to pay Ansbury Investments Inc.
Lovecraff's interstellar octopus), Birdman Boyo (maybe a mashup of rapper Bryan Williams + reggae artist Billy Boyo), and Dr.
CWM Rhondda Ales Boyo Pale Ale, 4.5% ABV, PS3.25/500ml bottle - available at Wally's Delicatessen, Royal Arcade CARDIFF Wally's Delicatessen have recently expanded their beer and cider range to include a lot more Welsh drinks, including those from Cwm Rhondda Ales which was established on the family farm above Treorchy in 2015 - thanks to Meic for pointing this out to me!
Pictured (back row, from left) Paul Boyo (assistant manager), Tylan Kaya, Jake Quilliam, Ellis Sant, Kieron Kenny, Shaun Keeley & Ian Kenny (manager); (front row, from left) Reg Healy (assistant manager/coach), Jay Saad, Jai McVey, Kaylam Atkinson, Alex Morgan & Jack Heckingbottom
JENNINGS -- WILLIAM RICHARD, (BOYO), December 19, 2012.
"No, not me, boyo. I'm from Prontypridd, look you." And certainly not St George, considering he was a Palestinian, and they weren't even in the World Cup.