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1.A United States five-cent coin minted from 1913 to 1937 having an image of an American bison ("buffalo") on its reverse, and an American Indian on the obverse.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Now, go fetch me some peanut brittle and there's a shiny buffalo nickel in it for ya, ya whippersnapper."
Our heads were on the penny first, of course, the Indian cent, and then on the buffalo nickel, both before we could even vote as a people--which, like the truth of what happened in history all over the world, and like all that spilled blood from slaughter, are now out of circulation." --Tommy Orange, There There
One-liners abounded, with plenty of objects that Acme would have proudly listed in its catalogue: a slice of Swiss cheese (is there any other type in cartoons?) made from beeswax and cantilevered on a rare buffalo nickel, a handsaw straight out of a Looney Tunes tool kit, and lots of "bright ideas" (i.e., lightbulbs).
Some experts contended that the model was Maria Teresa Carafelli, wife of the coin's designer, Antonio de Francisci, who had immigrated to America in 1905 and studied under several sculptors known for their designs of US coins of other denominations: James Fraser (the Buffalo Nickel, 1913-1935), Hermon MacNeil (the Standing Liberty Quarter, 1916-1930), Adolph Weinman (the Mercury Dime, 1916-1945), and Augustus Saint-Gaudens (the $20 Double Eagle, 1907-1933).
There, three small-time crooks plot to rob a man of his coin collection, the showpiece of which is a valuable Buffalo nickel.
Inspired by buffalo nickel, this round is made of .999 fine silver and has the RMC mint mark, making it IRA and RRSP-acceptable.
Have you ever seen an old Buffalo nickel? The Buffalo nickel is also called the Bison nickel or Indian Head nickel.
In 1913, the ''Buffalo nickel'' officially went into circulation.
There would be no buffalo nickel for an hour's work at the mill, for the silk of bow ties and scarves.
abandoned the Liberty Head nickel design when it began rolling out the Buffalo Nickel. But a scheming U.S.
I came in and my mother went out with the buffalo nickel. 1913-1938.
S solo albums (1992's Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired and 1996's Buffalo Nickel).
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