buffalo plaid

buffalo plaid

A plaid with large squares of two different colors, especially red and black.

[Said to be named after the herd of buffalo owned by the plaid's designer in the 1850s.]
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buf′falo plaid`

a plaid with large blocks formed by the intersection of two different-color yarns, typically red and black.
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The Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf is warm without the added bulk of a sweater and has a slit to attach a leash to any collar.
The recalled products include Armor All 12V Heated Seat and Backrest Cushion (Black) - AA-MJ-HE102B, UPC - 812350153653; Armor All 2 in 1 Heated Gel/Memory Foam Cushion (Black) - AA-MJ-HE106B, UPC - 812350153660 and Armor All 12V Heated Blanket (Black/White Buffalo Plaid) - AA-MJ-HE100BW, UPC - 812350141131 and Armor All 2 in 1 Heated Gel/Memory Foam Cushion (Black) - AA-MJ-HE106B, UPC - 812350153653.
A large Santa dressed in buffalo plaid holding a banner with Niko's name and a large truck carrying a Christmas tree rests among trees and greenery on the sideboard.
The coffee sleeve is buffalo plaid. "This print is evergreen, classic, cabin-esque and outdoorsy ...
11/ FOUND MY ANIMAL BUFFALO PLAID ROPE DOG LEASH Marine-grade recycled rope, $62; foundmyanimal.com.
Layering was a key styling element, especially with items in buffalo plaid and other menswear-inspired patterns. Click through the slideshow to see more See Now, Buy Now items and watch the video for an overview of the five major trends of the recent runway season. 
The strength's in the supporting cast: buffalo plaid shirt, denim vest, simple yet statement-making jewelry.
Buffalo plaid high-top by Dancewear Solutions, #WL087 $24.95, www.dancewearsotutions.com
Clad in the red-and-black buffalo plaid that is the near uniform of the north-country sportsman, they carried 5-gallon pails of feed--corn, I presumed--and tipped them a bit every few feet along the roadway.
Around the same time, Woolrich introduced a wool shirt in an oversized plaid pattern that came to be known as a Buffalo Plaid and is still popular today.
"The living room is configured like a barroom in a movie western," Hess writes, with an encircling balcony where "in the movies, a fistfight would send one combatant head over heels onto a poker table." Piney walls and red and black Buffalo Plaid warm up the interior like a cozy campfire.
For example, you can dazzle a customer who loves buffalo plaid shirts by ink-jetting a personalized sales message on a page advertising a brand new inventory of buffalo plaid shirts.

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