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buf·fet 1

 (bə-fā′, bo͞o-)
1. A large sideboard with drawers and cupboards.
a. A counter or table from which meals or refreshments are served.
b. A restaurant having such a counter.
3. A meal at which guests serve themselves from various dishes displayed on a table or sideboard.
Informally served: a buffet luncheon.


buf·fet 2

A blow or cuff with or as if with the hand.
v. buf·fet·ed, buf·fet·ing, buf·fets
1. To hit or beat, especially repeatedly.
2. To strike against forcefully and especially repeatedly; batter: winds that buffeted the tent. See Synonyms at beat.
3. To cause repeated difficulty or harm to (a person or group): was buffeted about from job to job by the vagaries of the economy.
4. To force (one's way) with difficulty.
To force one's way with difficulty: a ship buffeting against the wind.

[Middle English, from Old French, diminutive of buffe, blow.]

buf′fet·er n.
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