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n., pl. -eyes.
1. the circular spot, usu. black, at the center of a target.
2. a shot that hits this.
a. the center of a military target in a bombing raid.
b. a missile that strikes the center of a target.
c. an instance of aiming and firing a missile that results in its hitting the center of a target.
4. any statement or act that is precisely to the point or achieves a desired result directly.
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BULLS-EYE TARGETS BARBECUE FANS FIRE up the barbecue as Bull's-Eye unleash three new American BBQ sauces for the summer.
The round, black bulls-eye target with tight scoring rings comes from traditional one-handed target shooting.
Such systems are very rare and arise from "bulls-eye" collisions between two galaxies of similar mass.
The engineering ability was evident in the almost "bulls-eye" landing of Astronaut Walter M.
The Proline Laser produces a crisp, collimated laser reference beam that forms a bulls-eye pattern for easy visual alignment and precise measuring.
Royal played solidly in the decider, and was holding shot on the first and second ends when Breen delivered the winning shots, firstly by drawing beautifully to the jack, then by executing a bulls-eye take-out.
Sharpshooter targets are constructed of corrugated plastic and are available in animal silhouettes and traditional bulls-eye or sight-in versions.
Colts actually did well the first year or two, but soon the cops figured out that since 25-yard stages and closer were fired double action, and since the S&W's one-stage DA pull gave it an advantage there as strong as the Colt's easy hammer-cocking had been in single action bulls-eye, it was time to switch brand loyalty.
"The big retailers and wholesalers have a big bulls-eye on their back," says Harlon Pearce, the board's chairman.
The symbological data is encoded in a series of "layers" that circle around a bulls-eye pattern.