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tr.v. bur·nished, bur·nish·ing, bur·nish·es
1. To make smooth or glossy by rubbing; polish.
2. To rub with a tool that serves especially to smooth or polish.
3. To improve or make more impressive: achievements that burnished her reputation.
A smooth glossy finish or appearance; luster.

[Middle English burnishen, from Old French burnir, burniss-, variant of brunir, from brun, shining, of Germanic origin; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

bur′nish·er n.
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[ˈbɜːnɪʃɪŋ] nbrunitura
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References in classic literature ?
This stream had been the good angel of my thoughts all the day, keeping them ever moving and ever fresh, cleansing and burnishing them, quite an open-air laundry of the mind.
'Even back in the 1980s I have heard it said it is impossible to build the country without burnishing idealism.
Would the burnishing paste that you mentioned in your column help to repair it?
Roland Hooley Georgina Hooley AI AA BURNISHING paste, like you use to polish dull car paintwork, should remove the stain.
Madison Chemical (Madison, Indiana) has introduced Tumble Brite EP-13, a mild burnishing compound which is used for mass finishing operations.
At the same time, positive results can often be obtained through implementing special surface finishing methods that are based on the plastic surface deformation of the surface layers of the part, such as surface vibration burnishing with the creation of a regular microgroove pattern.
They were inspected by the Brigadier, who said that the men looked very smart in their burnished helmets, but as no orders had been issued from Division regarding the burnishing of helmets they would have to be repainted.
In this paper, residual stress distributions in rectangular bars due to rolling or burnishing at very high rolling or burnishing loads are investigated by roll burnishing experiments and three-dimensional finite element analyses using ABAQUS.
Other organizations conducting AEB testing follow the more extensive burnishing procedure described in FMVSS 135; Light Vehicle Brake Systems.
Cissing and burnishing are very different surface defects, but are two of the few that I have not covered in these articles.
Top GOP candidates in Texas have been burnishing their Second Amendment credentials by expressing support for looser gun laws.