n.1.A small cañon.
2.A narrow passage or lane through chaparral or a forest.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Duran explained that his "breviary" and santo cristo (image of Jesus Christ) would serve, in Hubert Bancroft's paraphrase, as "weapons." In case these sacred instruments failed, Duran requested a canoncito (little cannon) to convince the fugitives to return to the mission.
Santa Fe Co.: 1-25S, exit 290 W of Canoncito, 35[degrees]33.330'N, 105[degrees]52.804'W, 2 Aug 2008, 1[male], 2[female]; jct.
12), cuyos remates uno es de alambre ensortijado que hace dos divisiones y concluye en un palito del mismo alambre, y el otro cerrado en cuadratura, entrando en un canoncito que tiene en lo interior dha.
"We humans plan for us," said Leon Secataro, a man of Canoncito Navaho heritage, "and we never really consider the animals and the plants, although they are essential for our survival.
ATM in New Mexico also severely undermined the struggle of the Canoncito land grant group, and a labor struggle.
By April, downlink sites came online for the Mescalero Apache, Southern Ute, and Canoncito Chapter of Navajo.
Canoncito, NM 87026 800-808-8310 LEE HENDERSON JOHNSON HENDERSON HOUSE B&B 1544 Atcheson St.