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 (kăr′ə-bĭn-yâr′ē, kä′rä-bē-nyĕ′rĕ)
n. pl. ca·ra·bi·nie·ri (-bĭn-yâr′ē, -bē-nyĕ′rē)
A member of the Italian police force, which enforces the law and maintains order in policing both civilian and military affairs.

[Italian, from French carabinier; see carabineer.]
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n, pl -ri (-ri)
(Law) an Italian national policeman
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(ˌkɑ rɑ biˈnyɛ rɛ)

n., pl. -nie•ri (-ˈnyɛ ri)
a member of the Italian police force.
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The pair is currently in the custody of Italy's Carabinieri and could be facing life in prison on charges of murder and extortion.
Vice Brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega, a member of the storied Carabinieri paramilitary corps, was stabbed eight times, allegedly by one of the teens, leaving him bleeding on a street close to the teens' upscale hotel near Rome's Tiber River.
Tribune News Network Doha The security detail of the Italian Embassy in Qatar draws some of its personnel from one of the most prestigious and ancient armed forces of Italy -- the Carabinieri Corps.
Ramy Shehata meets with some of the Carabinieri policemen who came to help.
According to Italy's Carabinieri law enforcement agency, the kidnapper tied the children then set fire to a flammable liquid he spread inside the bus.
ABUS driver in northern Italy abducted 51 children and their chaperones, ordering the children's hands to be bound and threatening them with death, before setting the vehicle on fire when he was stopped by a Carabinieri blockade.
The Italian Foreign Ministry confirms that the three Carabinieri on duty at the Italian Consulate General in Jerusalem have left the UN compound in Gaza and have returned to the Consulate.
Italy's renowned Carabinieri Band will perform in Doha for three days to mark Qatar National Day.
In a statement, the Palermo branch of the Carabinieri police said it had dismantled two connected groups, one based in northern Italy and the other operating from Sicily.
BAGHDAD / / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) - The Italian military police (Carabinieri) announced the seizure of a shipment of weapons on the border with Slovenia hidden in a truck heading to the Spanish city of Barcelona.
Silvio Berlusconi has suggested a Carabinieri (military police) general could be Italy's next prime minister if his centre-right bloc wins national elections slated for early 2018.