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intr.v. chit·tered, chit·ter·ing, chit·ters
To twitter or chatter, as a bird.

[Middle English chiteren, of imitative origin.]
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a chirping noise
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Or chittering for three miles down a newly surfaced A-road, meeting ring-roads and wrong turns and a housing estate where a postwoman put me back on route.
Finally, when her teeth started chattering, we'd wrap her in a fluffy towel, and my mum always had an emergency "chittering bite" for her - usually a digestive biscuit to take her mind off the cold.
We could love the mosquitoes for feeding the chittering chimney swifts wheeling in the sunset, for feeding the tree swallows flying low over the lake at dusk.
They work heads down, chittering like starlings, these women who are tired of pinochle, tired of perms, tired of opening cans.
Seven minutes later, the chimney erupted with departing birds, chittering loudly and ready for another day of feeding on the wing.
That wasn't entirely a bad thing; the upside was that the noise levels are ratcheted up down there and the chittering, chattering, clinking and clanking always make for a lively, social atmosphere on a busy night.
If he was out the front he'd have been chittering away to you.
She fell in love with the ramshackle old house, with its Rayburn that billowed smoke in to the living room and the windows that let in the chittering cold.
Maraca in hand, the drummer counts off and is joined by the four other members of the band as they launch into the insistently danceable ballad "Mood." The breakneck chittering of a staccato guitar is tempered by the slower throb of the bass line, the melody of Maine's vocals doubled by a synth.
Hollywood's leading ladies could be chittering on the red carpet at the Oscars next week if they follow this season's trend for flashing the flesh.
Early in the book, the phrase, chittering and chattering, is used to represent the noise made by the monkeys.